Photo of the Week: Coquimbo Fish Market

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Its not surprising that Chile is known for having excellent fish since almost the entire country lies along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. At the market in Coquimbo you can find almost any kind of seafood and ceviche that you can imagine.

Coquimbo Fish Market

Love, Lee+KB


Photo of the Week: Imagine Monument in Strawberry Fields

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In New York’s Central Park there is Strawberry Fields, a 2.5 acre section sitting directly across the street from the Dakota Buidling where John Lennon lived and was shot. Yoko Ono sponsored this section of the park as a memorial. The Imagine Monument lies in the middle.

Imagine Monument in Strawberry Fields

Love, Lee+KB

The Animals of Costa Rica – Part 2

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If you haven’t already please check out The Animals of Costa Rica Part 1!

In Montezuma there were multiple types of monkeys including the cara blanca (or white-faced) monkey. We also saw quite a few cool birds while hiking to the big waterfall including this guy:

Costa Rica Bird

This cara blanca (white faced) monkey is just relaxing in his tree.

cara blanca

In Manuel Antonio there were squirrel monkeys and sloths as well as some cheeky racoons. The squirrel monkeys came through in large playful groups jumping and climbing everywhere – it was quite fun to watch, but difficult to get pictures that weren’t too blurry!

Squirel Monkey

This sloth mommy and baby were too cute…

Sloths: mommy and baby

And on the Caribbean Coast there were even more monkeys and sloths, but also some crazy hermit crabs and other insects including these beautiful spiders.


I think these howler monkeys were just as curious to see us as we were to see them.

Howler Monkeys

The animals of Costa Rica are amazing wherever you go, so if you are every there keep your eyes open and who knows what you may see.


Lee + KB

Photo of the Week: Panama Hats in Ecuador

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One of the many interesting paradoxes we ran into during our travels is that Panama hats are not from Panama, but from Ecuador. In Cuenca we saw quite a few Panama hat shops…

Panama Hats

Love, Lee+KB



Food in Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

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We really loved travelling in Malaysia. It has amazing nature  (diving, hiking, caves, beaches…), cities, and temples, but what we really remember and miss is the food! We tried a lot of different things – mainly street food, and were rarely disappointed. Here is a taste of some of the treats we tried in Kuala Lumpur.

Jackfruit at the market

These are Jackfruit (I believe, although I always get them confused with breadfruit) and in the market stall in the background she also has Durian, Dragonfruit, Lychee, Mango, Bananas as well as other fruit.


This duck came with rice, hot sauce, and a broth to put over the rice for more flavour – its not complicated, but the small touches make all of the difference!!

Fish on the Barbie

Fish on the barbecue wrapped in Banana leaves.

Malaysian Sweets and Snacks

Sweets and Snacks

Banana Leaf

Traditional Indian Vegetarian Banana Leaf Meal.

Man making peanut pancakes

This man made the most delicious peanut pancakes – I think I must have eaten 3 or 4 of them in the week we spent in KL!


Ice Cendol is another one of my favourite treats – shaved ice with coconut milk, palm sugar syrup, green and black grass jelly and red beans – plus we added a bit of durian onto this one.

Mee Mamak

Mee Mamak was one of KB’s favourite foods in Malayisa – in every town it was a little bit different, but the plate was always empty minutes after being delivered.

Spicy Veggie Noodle Soup

This spicy vegetarian noodle soup was amazing – for such basic ingredients it had so much flavour.

Stay tuned – our favourite foods from other cities are coming soon!

Love, Lee+KB

Photo of the Week: Patriotic Taxi

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I guess the name of the game is to be seen, and this driver in Kuala Lumpur decided to go very patriotic….

Patriotic Taxi

Love, Lee +KB

The Animals of Costa Rica – Part 1

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Animals are everywhere in Costa Rica. It was amazing to us that despite all of the tourists and tourism infrastructure in Costa Rica that there are still so many animals. In some of the smaller or less visited places you can understand waking up to howler monkeys every morning, but in places like Manuel Antonio that get so many visitors every year, and where the park is surrounded by hotels and truly cheesy themed restaurants it is simply amazing.

In Samara the iguanas were huge and seemed to enjoy posing for pictures. You also woke up to the sound of the howler monkeys every morning, and had to keep an eye out for the crocodiles whenever you crossed shallow rivers.

Iguana in Samara


In Monteverde the butterflies and birds were amazing. We even saw a Quetzal (although it was too high up for a good picture). There were also coatis and agutis. At night the insects, snakes and spiders came out as well as kinkajus.

Butterfly in Monteverde

Humming Bird in Monteverde

Frogs in Monteverde

To be continued…. in The Animals of Costa Rica Part 2.


Lee + KB