Photo Essay: Zumbahua Market on the Quilotoa Loop

South of Quito in Ecuador there is a small crater lake called Quilotoa. There is a nice hiking trail around the crater and you can hike down into the crater (400 m in altitude) to the lake.

Quilotoa Lake

It is a very beautiful area, but it is a very difficult trip along the Quilotoa Loop to get there. It even seems that ‘Doing the Quilotoa Loop’ has become a thing to do just for the challenge, and it is challenging, but also well worth the trip. We arrived at Quilotoa with few problems, but the weather was miserable, so we decided not to stay extra days and to instead visit some of the smaller towns along the loop on our way back. Of course it is good that we wanted to do this as the transport options are so few that you don’t actually have a choice. We arrived in Zumbahua on Saturday morning with a few hours to kill before the only bus of the day returned to Latacunga and were lucky enough to find a lively market in full swing.

Quilotoa Loop Saturday Market 1

Food being cooked fresh at the market.

Quilotoa Loop Saturday Market 2Women in the traditional dress selling onions at the market.

Quilotoa Loop Saturday Market 3The animal section of the market. Many of these animals made the trip to their new home on either the roofs or under-carriages of buses.

Quilotoa Loop Saturday Market 4

llamas waiting to be sold.


Love, Lee + KB



~ by loveleeeee on July 30, 2013.

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