The Animals of Costa Rica – Part 1

Animals are everywhere in Costa Rica. It was amazing to us that despite all of the tourists and tourism infrastructure in Costa Rica that there are still so many animals. In some of the smaller or less visited places you can understand waking up to howler monkeys every morning, but in places like Manuel Antonio that get so many visitors every year, and where the park is surrounded by hotels and truly cheesy themed restaurants it is simply amazing.

In Samara the iguanas were huge and seemed to enjoy posing for pictures. You also woke up to the sound of the howler monkeys every morning, and had to keep an eye out for the crocodiles whenever you crossed shallow rivers.

Iguana in Samara


In Monteverde the butterflies and birds were amazing. We even saw a Quetzal (although it was too high up for a good picture). There were also coatis and agutis. At night the insects, snakes and spiders came out as well as kinkajus.

Butterfly in Monteverde

Humming Bird in Monteverde

Frogs in Monteverde

To be continued…. in The Animals of Costa Rica Part 2.


Lee + KB


~ by loveleeeee on August 6, 2013.

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