The Animals of Costa Rica – Part 2

If you haven’t already please check out The Animals of Costa Rica Part 1!

In Montezuma there were multiple types of monkeys including the cara blanca (or white-faced) monkey. We also saw quite a few cool birds while hiking to the big waterfall including this guy:

Costa Rica Bird

This cara blanca (white faced) monkey is just relaxing in his tree.

cara blanca

In Manuel Antonio there were squirrel monkeys and sloths as well as some cheeky racoons. The squirrel monkeys came through in large playful groups jumping and climbing everywhere – it was quite fun to watch, but difficult to get pictures that weren’t too blurry!

Squirel Monkey

This sloth mommy and baby were too cute…

Sloths: mommy and baby

And on the Caribbean Coast there were even more monkeys and sloths, but also some crazy hermit crabs and other insects including these beautiful spiders.


I think these howler monkeys were just as curious to see us as we were to see them.

Howler Monkeys

The animals of Costa Rica are amazing wherever you go, so if you are every there keep your eyes open and who knows what you may see.


Lee + KB


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One Response to “The Animals of Costa Rica – Part 2”

  1. I have a nature reserve in Montezuma,,Land of the Goddesses!

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