Frankfurt’s Senckenberg Naturmuseum

A giant dinosaur greets you as you approach Frankfurt’s Natural History Museum, the Senckenberg Naturmuseum, which give you the impression that you might be a bit too old to enjoy this particular museum, but ignore that feeling because the museum is actually quite interesting for all ages.

As a lover of natural history, one of my favourite exhibitions was on the history of the museum. They have quite a few of Linneaus’ specimens. They also have pictures from the original ‘museum’ which was a personal collection in a private home – my favourite shows two taxidermied giraffes on either side of the fireplace.

They have the usual things that all natural history museums have: dinosaur skeletons, mineral collections, thousands of taxidermied birds, mummies, etc.; but then they also have some very unique exhibits including a display showing the huge prey anacondas are capable of swallowing:

I really enjoyed my afternoon at the museum and highly recommend the trip there if you are visiting Frankfurt.

Love, Lee


~ by loveleeeee on November 12, 2011.

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