One Day in Frankfurt

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, jetlagged, on the morning of my only full day in Frankfurt. My first thought (besides why the hell am I already wide awake) was I bet the sunrise over the river is beautiful, so without too much thought or caffeine, I got ready and headed out just after 6. My only plan was head for the river and that is exactly what I did. Nothing was open and the only people out were jogging or riding their bikes, so it felt like I had the whole city to myself. The sunrise wasn’t the most spectacular I’ve ever seen, but it was well worth the trip out just to have the city to yourself.

I spent a bit of time wandering up and down the river and then decided I would explore the Römerberg – the oldest part in the centre of town – while looking for a cafe serving breakfast. I imagine this main square is jam-packed with people during the day, but just before 7 in the morning I had the entire square to myself.

I was still too early to find a cafe in the touristy part of town so I wandered around for a bit generally heading North towards more of the offices. Once I was fed, I decided to head to the Mainturm, which is home to an outside viewing platform on the 56th floor. After going through an insane amount of security, you are allowed into the high-speed elevator, which actually has a speedometer to show you that you hit 18km/hour as you ascend and descend. I got to the top and was baffled by why we still have to take a few flights of stairs to get to the viewing platform when they had this fancy elevator… and as a warning to people who don’t like open staircases at high heights, you might want to sit this one out…

The view was nice, but since everything is so modern and since you are soo high up, you feel like you could be looking out over almost any other city. However, the one thing that did really catch my eye was the view of the opera house, so I decided that should be my next destination. After a wander through a really nice shopping district and a peaceful park, I found the Opera House.

With my severe jetlag, I was starting to get worn out by this part of the afternoon so I decided to make the Natural History Museum my last stop. I love Natural History Museums, so I was excited to visit Frankfurt’s, which has a good reputation. The museum was by far the highlight of my time in Frankfurt, and I enjoyed it so much I am actually turning it into another post which will be coming soon…

All and all Frankfurt is an interesting city, however, I think you can easily get a feel for it’s personality and hit all of the highlights in one day.

Love, Lee


~ by loveleeeee on October 23, 2011.

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