The Melbourne Museum

I love the Melbourne Museum, in fact I became a volunteer of the museum almost a year ago because I enjoy it so much. Sadly, since I became a volunteer, I haven’t made a trip there except for my shifts where I spend all my time in the activities rooms. Since spring has finally made it to Melbourne I decided I was going to be a tourist in my own town, and the Melbourne Museum was top on my list of places to go.

The Melbourne Museum displays a mix of city history, culture, and natural history. When you walk in one of the first things you see is a giant whale skeleton.

Past the whale is the Dinosaur Walk with plenty of dinosaur skeletons. Also here is the Dynamic Earth exhibit which has a large collection of rocks, minerals, and features a 3D movie on how rocks are formed in a 360* viewing room.

Past the Dinosaur Walk there is both the Bugs Alive and Wild exhibits. In the Wild exhibit you are surrounded by animals from all over the world. You can view the room from three different viewing levels and there are interactive monitors and viewfinders which help identify what you are looking at.

The Bugs Alive exhibit is one of my favourite. In addition to having three huge walls like the one pictured above they also have many live insects and spiders as well as displays educating you about what you might find locally. Apparently tarantulas shed their skin and they have some creepy displays showing off some of the skins from their collection.

Adjacent to these displays is the living forest gallery. If you pay attention as you travel through the forest you can often spot insects, fish, frogs, lizards, and birds. My favourite are the bower birds who build nests on the ground and collect anything blue to bring back to their nest to help attract mates.

After spotting both the male (dark blue) and female (bright green) bower birds, I moved on to the Melbourne Story exhibit. This is best known for housing Phar Lap, a famous race horse who won 37 races including the 1930 Melbourne Cup, but it is also home to a real Melbourne crest:

I hope you are starting to see why I enjoy this museum so much. This is only a trip through the highlights of my favourite exhibits, but there is so much more including The Human Body, The Mind, CSIRAC, and Bunjilaka, which are also all well worth the visit.

Love, Lee


~ by loveleeeee on August 23, 2011.

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