Where do you get your travel inspiration?

It has been a stressful week for me so I have been counting down the days until my next trip (sadly this is still months away). But then one night this week I came home to a new issue of Get Lost waiting for me and this made my day a little bit better. For me travel magazines are not only inspiration, but allow me to vicariously live the dream through someone else’s photos and stories. However when I opened this issue, the last issue notice floated out of the plastic packaging before I could even see the cover so I had to start deciding whether or not I would renew my subscription.

When I get a new travel magazine I’m excited to read about all of the destinations and imagine I am there as well, however, what I read about rarely makes it into my travel itineraries – so is it really worth it? In the end I would have renewed my subscription just to have that day every so often when things unexpectedly get a bit better and live the dream a bit longer if it weren’t for the fact that I probably won’t be living in Australia for another full year.

So today I’m wondering does anyone else enjoy reading about other people travelling as much as I do? And where do you get your travel inspiration – from travel magazines, travel blogs, memoirs or books where the story takes place in a unique location, the advice of others – or are you like me and decide destinations at the last minute based on a flight sale?

Love, Lee


~ by loveleeeee on June 4, 2011.

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