Seppelt Winery Tour

While visiting Halls Gap we decided to visit a winery. After looking at our options and asking around we decided on Seppelt. We were lead on a 45 minute tour followed by a tasting at their cellar door.

Many of their wines are sparking so the tour started by describing the process. With modern technology the process is much easier, but in days past some one used to have to rotate every bottle by hand on a regular basis as well as uncork the bottles  remove the yeast and recork them as quickly as possible to reduce both lost wine and carbonation.

Most of the tour takes place underground in their tunnels which allows for temperature controlled storage. There was a thick black layer of mold covering everything. Apparently this is the same mold that grows in French wine cellars and was inadvertently shipped here on wine barrels.

Now the wines are aged in smaller barrels, but at one point they were stored in these massive barrels. After each use they had to be cleaned – someone actually had to crawl through the tiny ‘door’ at the bottom to clean the inside.

The tour was very interesting and the tasting after is pretty good to. One of their specialties is a sparking Shiraz which is definitely worth a try.

Readers: Have you visited any great vineyard/wineries in Australia – I’m always looking for recommendations!!

Love, Lee

Seppelt Wines  Great Western, Moyston Road, Great Western VIC 3377. Tours: Monday to Saturday; 11am and 2pm daily. Bookings are preferred.


~ by loveleeeee on June 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “Seppelt Winery Tour”

  1. This is so awesome to read. Our family used to go on holidays not far from Seppelt each year during Christmas. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the winery/cellar tour there. Really good experience to learn about wine making, even if I was never old enough to try any!

    • That is amazing – my family never did anything this cool… they still give a great tour and it is definitely worth a trip back to do a tasting as well!!

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