Cataract Gorge: Launceston, Tasmania

Cataract Gorge surrounds the South Esk River and is just south west of Launceston’s city centre – so close that it is within walking distance of the city. There are trails along either side of the river that can be accessed from King’s Bridge on Paterson Street.

On the far side of the river there is the Cliff Gardens Reserve, which has a restaurant and some wildlife I wasn’t expecting on seeing so close to the city centre.

There were peacocks and wallabies just wandering around in the gardens!! After spending a bit of time stalking the poor wallabies to get a good picture I finally tore myself away from the animals and headed back to the trail. There is a suspension bridge that allows you to cross from one side of the river to the other if you want to keep your walk short (less than 5 km). I crossed over using the bridge which provides great views of the basin, and decided to walk back via the Zig Zag Track. The sign warns that the path is steep and for hikers only – this was a sign that I probably should have taken more seriously….

Not only was the path steep, but it kept going up and then down hill and was a bit tricky to traverse. Even more disappointing was the fact that the views were better from the other side!!

All and all it was a good morning hike, but looking back I’d probably avoid the Zig Zag Track and stick to the side with the better views and cute animals.

Love, Lee


~ by loveleeeee on May 21, 2011.

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