Liffey Falls

I was very excited to hike up to see Liffey Falls, so despite the flooding further east and massive amounts of rain still falling from the sky I decided I was going to hike up to the falls anyway. I had just hiked Russell and Horseshoe Falls in the rain and that was fine, so this would be too. I started out from Launceston and got more than halfway there before patches of flooding which completely covered the road started appearing. On the radio they kept talking about all the annoying tourists who had to be rescued because they drove through high water despite warnings telling them not to, and I decided not to be one of these stories so I turned around and spent the afternoon at the Museum in Launceson instead.

The next morning I woke up, and by some miracle it was actually sunny!! I hiked Cataract Gorge and then decided to try Liffey Falls again. The drive started out fine – no more flooding on the roads – although you could definitely see the effects of the flood and plenty of places that were still under water – and then I came to the first bridge.

I looked at this bridge and though you’ve got to be kidding me, but the maintenance workers told me I’d be fine, just to take it slow. Now I love Australia, and I especially love Australians ability to take ANYTHING in stride, but this might be taking that a step to far… “Are you sure” I asked again – and again they smiled and told me to enjoy the falls.

Thankfully I made it over this bridge and a few others that looked almost as bad and finally made it to the Liffey Falls parking lot. There are three smaller cascades you pass before you make it to the larger Liffey Falls, and the forest you walk through is beautiful.

The smaller cascades would probably be very cute and relaxing most days, but after the massive amounts of rain that had recently fallen they were pretty impressive. I continued on past the other two smaller cascades to the main event, Liffey Falls.

Once again the falls were so much more dramatic due to all of the extra rain. On the way back to the carpark I spent less time looking at the river and cascades, and more time around me in the forest and it is amazing what I missed walking down the first time. The moss and fungus that was growing everywhere was quite impressive!

Love, Lee


~ by loveleeeee on May 13, 2011.

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