Tasmania’s Breweries

Tasmania is home to two major breweries – Cascade and James Boags. They used to be owned by the same company, but James Boags was sold and now there is a fierce geographic loyalty – Tasmanians from the north drink James Boags and Tasmanians from the south drink Cascade.

Cascade Brewery – Hobart

I stopped at Cascade in Hobart first for the Brewery Tour. It is the oldest continuously operating brewery in Tasmania. Today they brew a number of beers – some types will never leave Tasmania and some types are shipped all over the world. In addition they also brew a variety of sodas from apple, to ginger-beer, to sassafras.

They have a nice visitors centre across the road from the brewery with a garden that visitors can wander through while enjoying their post-tour tastings. Three tastings come with the tour and additional drinks can be bought at the bar after the tour. I was lucky enough to be there for the First Harvest – which is a very limited edition draft that is made from fresh hops which is steeped like tea. Since I was driving I also sampled the ginger beer (excellent) and sassafras soda (Not as good as what I grew up with in the US, but not bad).

Cascade’s mascot is a Tasmanian Tiger – its image is on their bottles and they even have a taxidermied tiger in their visitor’s centre. As you can see this tiger looks like its been through a lot – when one of the tour group asked if it was actually real we were told that it was – they had actually reengineered him into a robot for a commercial a few years ago and never looked the same after they took out the electronics.

James Boags – Launceston

All James Boags tours start at its Centre for Beer Lovers. They have recently built a new state-of-the-art brewery, but the historic old building still stands, and apparently is still used by the brew masters to experiment with new brews.

There are a few types of tours you can go on – I of course chose the Beer Lovers Tour. At the end of this tour they offer an ‘informed tasting’ of their beers paired with Tasmanian cheeses, but beware – these are not sample size drinks and you drink them pretty quickly so if you are driving you might want to opt for soda instead.

Brewery Tour Prices (Note: prices ay change so please double check before you go)

Cascade: Brewery Tour, 2 hours A$20. Heritage Tour, 1 hour A$15, Beer and Food Matching, 45 minutes A$55.


James Boags: Beer Lovers Tour, 1.5 hours A$25, Boags Discovery Tour, 1 hour A$18, Amber Ticket Tasting, 40 minutes A$15 (Only available on Saturdays)


Also note that you will need to book ahead for tours.


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